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Work Strategies for the 21st Century Workplace

Mr. Satheeshkumar Menon, General Manager, ESRI Inc., Dubai delivered the talk, “Work Strategies for the 21st century Workplace” on 13th Feb, 2010. The lecture was attended by 8th semester students of IT, CSE & ECE. Mr. Menon explained the differences in perception, culture and attitude when a student moves from an educational institution to an industrial environment. His talk highlighted various tips as well as effective methods for an industry joining fresher to achieve a successful career in industry.

Microsoft Top Five Secrets

IT Association has organized a technical talk on “Microsoft Top Five Secrets” by Mr.Anoop Madhusudanan, Solution Architect - UST Global, Lead – HRB Innovation Labs on 15th March 2010

At the Crossroads of Information Technology- Bioinformatics

Dr. Adarsh Ramakumar, Principal Investigator & Senior Bioinformatics Analyst, Armed Forces, Radio Biology Research Institute, Department of Defense, United States of America, delivered a talk on the topic “At the crossroads of Information Technology- Bioinformatics”. His talk, attended by faculties from IT, CSE & ECE, was very informative and motivating. He explained the breadth and depth of the relevance of bioinformatics research in the 21st century & cajoled our faculty to actively involve themselves in research areas that target applications to real life.

Matrix Arrays Symmetric Key Encryption

Prof A J Paul, Head , Dept of ECE, Mangalam College of Engineering delivered a lecture on “Matrix Arrays Symmetric Key Encryption” on 23, Jan,2009.