Department of Information Technology

Dr. Asha Joseph

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Assistant Professor, IT



Digital Forensics

Cyber Security & Cyber Law

Discrete Mathematics

Operating System Security





PhD Computer Science & Engineering VIT, Vellore (2020)
PhD Educational Leadership Theological University(2018)

M Tech

Software Engineering

Vishvesharaya Technological University, Karnataka(2013)

B Tech

Computer Science and Engineering

NIT Calicut(1997)

Position Held
February 2021 - Till date Associate Professor Amal Jyothi College of Engineering
2020 to 2021 HOD, Professor(AI & ML) Bangalore Technological Institute
2018 to 2020 Associate Professor Bangalore Technological Institute
2012 to 2018 HOD, Professor (CSE) Bangalore Technological Institute
2011 to 2012 Assistant Professor Bangalore Technological Institute
2010 to 2011 Lecturer Bangalore Technological Institute
2009 to 2010 Lecturer Cambridge
2005 to 2009 Software Developer Silver Lining Tech, Bangalore
2002 to 2004 Engineer Compaq
2001 to 2002 Administrator People Soft India, Bangalore
2000 to 2001 Manager Indian Overseas Bank
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1. Best Session Paper Award presented in IEEE conference 2020, awarded IEEE

2. Rashtriya Vidya Gaurav Puraskar Award, Certificate of Outstanding achievement in the field of Education, 2016., awarded Indian Solidarity Council, Govt of India.

3. Best Paper Award for the conference paper, awarded Conference ICACIT

4. Best Faculty Award, awarded Cambridge College

5. JMET Qualified, awarded JMET

6. Certificate of Intellectual Achievement, IQ level 145, awarded IMP

7. Best poets of 2003- Editors Choice Award, awarded International Society of Poets

8. GATE 1999, awarded GATE

9. President Guide Award in 1990-91 for Girl Scouts, awarded President of India

10. Adventure Award in Bharat Scouts and Guides from State Government, awarded State Govt, Kerala

  1. Workshop and Webinar on AICTE 360 Degree Feedback Program, AICTE, ONLINE, from 2021-10-22 to 2021-10-22
  2. Webinar on Towards Academic Excellence in the 21st Century, AICTE, ONLINE, from 2021-09-30 to 2021-09-30
  3. ATAL fdp on Fog and Edge Computing Challenges and Research Directions, AICTE and NIT Sikkim, NIT Sikkim-online, from 2021-09-25 to 2021-09-29
  4. ATAL FDP - Research and Innovation for Growth, AICTE ATAL/BNMIT Bangalore, , from 2021-08-23 to 2021-08-28
  5. Digital Teaching Techniques, ICT Academy, Bangalore, Online, from 2021-08-09 to 2021-08-13
  6. Academic Writing and Communication Skills, Research Methodology, Reference Management and Academic Publishing, Assumption College, ARCHBISHOP KAVUKATTU CENTRAL LIBRARY in association with LORE & ED RESEARCH ASSOCIATES, Online, from 2021-07-24 to 2021-08-23
  7. Conference Paper Review Workshop 2021, y IEEE Bangalore Section and Women in Engineering Affinity along with IEEE Bangalore TCS, Bangalore, from 2021-02-28 to 2021-02-28
  8. Virtual Platform for Learning Cyber Security, Mr. Rupert Collier, Director for EMEA & APAC at RangeForce, organized by the School of Information Technology and Engineering, VIT Vellore, from 2021-02-24 to 2021-02-24
  9. Awareness Webinar on Outcome based Education and Accreditation, VTU e-Shikshana Programme, Bangalore -online, from 2021-02-16 to 2021-02-16
  10. Empowering the Girls of India, DXC Technology and ICT academy , Amal Jyothi College -Online, from 2021-02-15 to 2021-02-15
  11. Apple in App Development and Swift, CDNS Tech & IT dept, Amal Jyothi , Amal Jyothi College, from 2021-02-15 to 2021-02-15
  12. Leadership Excellence - ATAL FDP, AICTE ATAL, NIT, Trichy, online, from 2020-11-23 to 2020-11-27
  13. Cyber Criminology and Network Security, AICTE STTP, Bangalore, from 2020-11-02 to 2020-11-07
  14. Artifical Intelligence:Responsible AI for Social Empowerment(RAISE 2020), by Ministry of Electronics & IT, Govt of India, Niti Ayog and Digital India , Delhi - Virtual Summit, from 2020-10-05 to 2020-10-09
  15. Artificial Intelligence ATAL FDP, AICTE ATAL , IIT Vadodara, from 2020-05-11 to 2020-05-15
  16. Research Workflows, Research Metrics and Excellence in academic Institute, AICTE and ELSEVIER, AICTE Online FDP, from 2020-05-06 to 2020-05-06
  17. Technology Predictions for times of Pandemics, IEEE, Online Webinar, from 2020-05-04 to 2020-05-04
  18. Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation, KSCST Karnataka State council for Science and Technology and CIPAM, Cell for IPR Promotion and Management, govt of India,Bangalore, from 2020-04-29 to 2020-05-02
  19. How to publish open access with Taylor & Francis, T&F Elsevier, Webinar, from 2020-04-28 to 2020-04-28
  20. Writing a Competitive Research Grant Proposal, IEEE , Bangalore, from 2020-04-27 to 2020-04-27
  21. Leadership Talk series with Padmashree Dr V K Sarasat and Dr. Abhay Jere , AICTE , Online, from 2020-04-13 to 2020-04-14
  22. Workshop on Examination Reformations , AICTE, Bangalore, from 2019-05-07 to 2019-05-07
  23. Helping the Students through their college Years, 5 day Counselling Workshop , NIMHANS and Global Academy, Bangalore, from 2019-01-21 to 2019-01-25
  24. Deep Learning, VIT Vellore, Vellore, from 2019-01-07 to 2019-01-11
  25. Cyber Security, 1 day workshop, University of Newyork, VIT Vellore, from 2018-01-29 to 2018-01-29
  26. National Cyber Defence Summit’17 - Invitee, National Cyber Safety and Security standards, Goa, from 2017-12-15 to 2017-12-16
  27. Recent Trends in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, BTI Bangalore, Bangalore, from 2017-10-27 to 2017-10-28
  28. IEEE workshop on Research Methodologies and paper writing , IEEE , Amrita University, Bangalore, from 2017-07-07 to 2017-07-08
  29. 1 day Workshop/Tech Talk on Power Delivery and Machine Learning , IEEE and Georgia Tech-Power Del, USA , Bangalore, from 2017-05-08 to 2017-05-08
  30. Angular JS & HTML5 , BTI Bangalore, Bangalore, from 2017-03-06 to 2017-03-06
  31. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana for Technical Institutions , AICTE, MSRIT, Bangalore, from 2016-10-22 to 2016-10-22
  32. International Summer School on Information Security & Privacy , ACM , Amrita University, Bangalore, from 2016-08-02 to 2016-08-06
  33. National Cyber safety and Security standards summit’15 , National Cyber Safety and Security standards, Pesit, Bangalore, from 2015-12-19 to 2015-12-20
  34. Two weeks ISTE Workshop on Cyber Security, IIT Bombay & MHRD, BMS, Bangalore, from 2015-02-15 to 2015-02-22
  35. QPDS (Question Paper Delivery System) workshop , VTU, Karnataka, Bangalore, from 2012-10-12 to 2012-10-12
  36. Software Verification and Validation, Electronics Test & Development Centre, STQC Directorate, Dept of Electronics, Govt. of India, Chennai, from 2001-01-26 to 2001-01-31
  1. Induction Program 2nd phase for the affiliated colleges of VTU- Talk given on Career Guidance, Creative Practices and Innovation, Bangalore Technological Institute, BTI-online mode, from 2021-05-12 to 2021-05-14
  2. First year induction program, talks given on leadership skills, setting short term goals and Institutional guidelines, BTI, Bangalore, from 2020-12-12 to 2020-12-23
  3. Education Innovation Conference 2019 - Principals Meet, EIC, Bangalore, from 2019-11-19 to 2019-11-19
  4. IEEE Senior Member Elevation Program, IEEE Bangalore, IISc Bangalore, from 2019-11-02 to 2019-11-02
  5. First year induction program, talks given on leadership skills, setting short term goals and Institutional guidelines, BTI, Bangalore, from 2019-09-02 to 2019-09-23
  6. Workshop on Digital Security, HKBKCE, Bangalore, from 2019-05-11 to 2019-05-11
  7. National Conference/Principal’s meet on Indian Higher Education: Challenges of Quality & Brand Building, MHRD & AICTE, Bangalore, from 2018-11-24 to 2018-11-24
  8. Education Innovation Conference 2018 on higher education, skill development and K-12 sectors - Principals Meet, EIC, Bangalore, from 2018-09-04 to 2018-09-04
  9. Bridging the Gap between Academia and Industry -Principals Meet, EIC, Bangalore, from 2018-05-25 to 2018-05-25