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screw(Students' Creative Resource Enrichment Window)


Foundation: To nourish & develop the quality of IT students, the student’s community has come up with an idea of constituting new Clubs.
The idea was further discussed broadly during the “Mango Waves” hour on 23.02.2017, which was an initiative to share knowledge for the transformation of individual/group under the Waves of Mango Tree.

It was decided to integrate all ideas proposed by the students under a single umbrella. The student community named it CREW, to make it more specific for the intended goal, a committee headed Prof. Shiju George, re-coined it as “IT ScReW” with an elaboration of “STUDENTS’ CREATIVE RESOURCE ENRICHMENT WINDOW” for the acronym.

An integrated platform where, activities enhancing students development, by means of freedom to take decisions, opting crew based on interest & working together. With the joint approval on 24/03/2017, during the department meeting, lists of coordinator for CREWS were also identified. Finally a meeting was organised with the whole IT student community on 28/03/2017 to announce & share the support for students’ initiative. Following objectives and outcomes were decided for IT ScReW.


Total nine Crews were listed in the table. Each one of them plays an important role to set specific path during the course in student’s career. It will enable & help students:

  • To improve technical skills by online learning & content generation.
  • To bridge the gap between industry and academics.
  • To do online projects. 
  • To become a successful Entrepreneur.
  • To write proposal & apply for the funded projects.
  • To know about IT companies, opportunities & placement.
  • To develop basic & advance software languages skills.
  • To know more about latest trends through add-on courses.
  • To promote research by attending conferences & publications
  • To exhibit their talent, nourish it by participating in various contests.

All the objectives will be fulfilled with the CREWS identified.



MOOC & Khan Academy courses, Spoken Tutorial, Digital Content Generation, Multimedia-Centre, Animation & Web development.

Prof. Joms Antony
Mr. Haris Xavier, Mr. Renjithkumar P. G.

Entrepreneur Activities, Incubation start-up Training, Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp. Hardware & Networking. Incubation Internship (30 days- Full Time) -every Semester. Training for getting funded projects.

Prof. Thomas Varghese
Mr. M. Aneesh, Mr. R. Harikrishnan

Funded Projects: Guidelines, Govt., Panchyat, I2U, OIC, Techtop, Women cell, Research help in Security, Student Development Program, and Alumni Interaction Cell.

Prof. Midhuna Jyothi R.
Ms. K. P. Jyothikumari, Mr. Haris Xavier

Placement: Cell, Brochure, finding IT opportunities, Higher Studies, Govt Jobs, Invitation to companies.

Prof. Melbin Varghese John
Mr. Haris Xavier, Ms. K. P. Jyothikumari

Programming Language: Aptitude skill improvement training, C, Python, Database Projects, Moodle & DSpace implementation, Research in  Big Data Analytics, Conference, Funded Project.

Prof. Sandhya Ramakrishnan (HOD –IT)
Mr. M. Aneesh , Mr. R. Harikrishnan

ADDON Courses: GATE, Android & IoS Application Development, PHP, Java,  R- Programming.

Prof. Sunil Zacharias
Ms. K. P. Jyothikumari, Mr. Haris Xavier

Technical Talks on Latest Developments in IT, Industry Collaboration (state & abroad), In-house Internship, Workshop, Seminars, Personality & conduct Development, Mango Waves, Webinar, R&D: Centre of Machine Learning.

Prof. Shiju George
Mr. M. Aneesh, Mr. Renjithkumar P. G.

NPTEL, Conferences & Journals: Paper Presentation, Publications in Journals.
Project support: Identifying area, design, implementation & installation.

Prof. Saumya Sadanandan
Mr. Renjithkumar P. G., Mr. M. Aneesh,


  • Demonstrate an understanding of online course & generate digital content.
  • Transform conventional thoughts with their technical skills to become an entrepreneur.
  • Analyze the trends, support & participate actively in recruitment process.
  • Demonstrate the acquired knowledge via development of software applications in lab & participation in various competitions.
  • Demonstrate research work via conference and publications. 
  • Define & demonstrate co-curricular and extra-curricular skills.
  • Demonstrate aptitude skills & personality with placement.
  • Helps in identifying best technical group & resources for online and in-house training.
  • Identify & participate in alumni interaction to bridge the relation and gap by means of sharing resources.